AUGUST 10, 2003 — the day hanson came back into our lives. they had been off our radar for years, taking a break that wasn’t clear to the fans. this tour was announced, the venues were small, i was ready for new music. all so exciting.

it’s good the break happened, it gave me a chance to live some important years of my teenage life without them on my brain/bank account. these years would be 11th grade – freshman year in college. very important years that i’m not sure what would have transpired if i was still playing the role of ‘hanson girl’ — although hanson never left my world, it was nice to explore new music (enter my punk pop years) and really focus more on ashley faye rather then hanson (in the zine world and outside.)

when the philly show happened, i was living in philadelphia with my first serious boyfriend. i remember my friend heather and i were getting ready and i thought “wow, i’m living in a city with a boy i love, getting ready for a hanson concert thats not too far away.” i felt accomplished. we got to the venue around 7 am (it was general admission) and were shocked to see a line already formed. people who had seen them the night before in delaware, the girls were headphone-hoarding the album they had bought the night before, the music was kept away from us, the suspense built.

the actual show ended up being monumental. we were positioned right in front of zac, blown away by the entire experience. afterward zac put two drumsticks in my hands (i gave one to my friend), isaac gave heather a guitar pick. we bought the cd, went outside and there was action by the bus. i walked right up to taylor and asked for a picture — he said yes but explained to the gathering of fans it was the only picture he was taking – this moment is a highlight of my life (dead serious). heather squeezed in the shot too, but thats okay — i finally had a picture with a hanson.

^^ the first picture is one that was sent to me from a fan (i think mandaroo) — the second one was from my camera (taken by kelly)

Rock N Roll Razorblade
Strong Enough to Break
Runaway Run
Penny & Me
When You’re Gone
Love Somebody to Know
Lost Without Each Other
Lulla Belle (Zac solo)
Crazy Beautiful (Taylor solo)
Call Me (Isaac solo)
Teach Your Children (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover)
Rip It Up (Little Richard cover)
This Time Around
If Only

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