AUGUST 13, 2003 – China Club –

SO, this day was major. somehow we didn’t get tickets to it but then we got an email saying we were on the list anyway. it was exciting, we rushed to new york. i drove. i had never driven in new york before. my dad still tells a story when i called him because i was so lost (and so frantic to get to the sidewalk so we could sleep overnight so that we could be front row. we had done so at other venues, so we knew the drill) — i was coming down canal and heading toward the manhattan bridge. i remember seeing a sign that said “BROOKLYN” i was terrified, on the phone, and whipped a u’ie right there in the middle of that intersection. driving through that now i always think, what a crazy little lady i was pulling shit like that.

we ended up at china club (which btw, was right off times sq- nowhere near canal- i drove like a maniac to get there.) — there were two people there already, we set up behind them. felt so good. a minute later some more fans showed up (who would end up becoming good friends) and we all spent our first nyc sidewalk night together. at one point a crew of drunk irish men picked us up on a horse drawn carriage, we went for a ride, they left us on the carriage with the bill. the guy let us go without paying it, and took us on a lovely 3 am ride of times square. back then it was much less built up – i remember thinking to myself how lucky i was to be in the middle of times square at 3 am waiting in line for a hanson concert.

the concert was amazing, staying up all night listening to the new album over and over, dedicated to learn all the words. scribbling down verses, listening over and over, handing the lyrics back and forth- we were dedicated and it worked.

when hanson played “penny and me” and the crowd knew most of the lyrics i remember isaac looking out at the crowd and going “wow, you guys are good!” — at the end of the concert, isaac put a guitar pick in heather’s hand.

we were hooked.


Strong Enough to Break
Runaway Run
Rock N Roll Razorblade
Lulla Belle (Zac solo)
Teach Your Children (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover)
Need You Now
With You In Your Dreams
Hand in Hand (Isaac solo)
Crazy Beautiful (Taylor solo)
Penny & Me
Rip It Up (Little Richard cover)
Lost Without Each Other
This Time Around
If Only
Dirrty (Christina Aguilera cover)

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