this was my first time entering canada, as well as my first time ever legally buying alcohol. thats right, i was a fresh face little 19 year old in toronto buying a 6pk of smirnoff ice (that i didn’t finish.)

we drove up the night before the show, this show was the only time i have seen hanson outside of the US and i remember i was so excited. unfortunately, we dealt with a serious psycho on the way up- some lady in a car following us and trying to drive us off the road, we left our tickets at home, and toronto was having some sort of garbage strike. we got away from the crazy lady (also, pumped our own gas! we are jersey girls – had to document that) made it to the venue and slept for a few hours (there were about 10 other girls there by then)

when we woke up we were feeling nasty, so i thought it was a good idea to drive to an area with some hotels. to do what? sneak into the hotel and take a shower! we crept around and scoped the scene. i ended up swiping a dead room key from the front desk and we went down to the spa area, let ourselves in, and showered. i don’t think i’d have the balls to do that now, but i guess we did what we had to do. we also ended up getting our tickets by going to some hockey arena where they was a ticketmaster and having them go into the main system to re-print them. heather figured that one out and thank god ticketmaster is good with that kind of thing. even back then when thinks were a little bit more archaic digitally.

we got back to the venue (someone saved our spot) and this is when we got our smirnoff. it was freezing, we kept warm by taking pictures of ourselves and i tried to make some new canadian friends.

the show was good, my favorite part was the encore … they did weird a’cappella. as soon as they left the stage we BOOKED it to our car — heather fell pretty bad in the middle of the street, don’t think i’ll ever forget that, i remember it put a hole in the knee of her new pants. so we booked it and then probably did something stupid like 100 on the canadian highway to get to buffalo, to camp out for the next show.

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