that night in buffalo was one of the coldest nights on the sidewalk up until that point (i guess we were spoiled by summer shows earlier in the year) — this is when the “triple spoon” was invented and we truly got our sidewalk mats/sleeping bags/blankets routine down pat. this is also why i know a lot of the time when you see a homeless person bundled up in the cold they might not be that cold — you can get really toasty if you do it right (and include other people, if you go homeless, go with a partner or two.)

the day of the show, we enjoyed buffalo – it was sunny and warm by the afternoon. we walked around, got lunch and took in the downtown area. the venue itself (the sphere) isn’t on a main street but more in a town center, so you could hang out a little more. there was an “andrews” theatre which i loved and as you can see in the pictures below, i dominated in uno.

we ended up front row for this show and it still goes down as one of my favorite hanson shows, ever. isaac put a guitar pick in my hand at the end of the show. this time we checked into a little hotel nearby to shower (buffalo didn’t seem as pliable to criminal behavior.) after the show, we went back to our hotel to check out and get our stuff, did a drive by of the venue and saw crowds everywhere. parked the car, got out, ran into isaac. who, asked me, if i wanted a picture! of course i do, isaac. the picture of me and him is one of my favorites of me and a hanson, such a happy time.

afterward we found taylor leaving a mass of fans. he told us to come with him to get a picture, we walked about a block to their bus and he took a shot with each of us. really this might have been one of the sweetest times i had with them — when i say that i mean when i realized they were appreciating the kind of fans we were, not scared of us or treating us like second class. it just resonated.

one more thing – this was when i really started getting close with colleen (roses4tay) and her mom. we spent a lot of time in line and colleen and i always had a fun time chatting. she was a few people down from us during the show and we all grooved together. i miss those front row days.

we ended up getting interviewed/photographed for a local paper — pic below.


Strong Enough To Break
If Only
Runaway Run
Rock N Roll Razorblade
When Youre Gone
Call Me
Love Me
Aint No Sunshine
Penny and Me
Wheres The Love
You Never Know
Rip It Up
This Time Around

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