oh, man.

kelly and i hit the road solo for this leg of the tour. we headed home from buffalo, worked a few days, went to a few classes and headed to ohio. now, i will say, we really had no idea how freaking far away ohio was. we had met other fans from ohio who were in nyc, so we thought, hey! we can go there too.

it’s far. it’s really just SO much driving in PA, same road, etc. luckily we are great at entertaining ourselves, but i must admit that it got a little weird when we saw a jersey shore, pa. i was like NOO tell me we aren’t back home. ha ha ha – I’m reminded why I took the picture.

which clearly at this point we were over taking pictures. we had pictures with hanson we loved, we were sort of over it and just focused on the music and our adventure.

cleveland might have been the first time i was scared for my life while camping out. the venue itself was in this beaten down waterfront area (which i’ve heard from friends is a beautiful place to go.) and the people who actually lived on the streets were not impressed. something i should add here, is that these cops and venue people in these places were NEVER ready for hanson fans the night before. they always wanted us to leave (we didn’t) and when they banned us from their premises there was always a posse of us making them promise to enforce the list we had made with our “order” in it. hardcore. we usually then parked across the street and stayed up to wait for other fans creeping into the line.

so anyway, this night in cleveland, we were there with some other girls and it was scary. we were scared. the cops showed up shortly after we got there and he stayed there all night.

also, kelly’s car was having some serious issues on the trip there. like, dying. the next day we took a tour de cleveland and got mechanics to come check it out for us. they eventually fixed it as much as they could and were really nice. i also remember a girl in line with us drove us back and forth and she was really sweet. there is a picture somewhere of her and kelly in front of the car with the hood up with hanson’s bus in the background, but i can’t find it, damnit! that car was a true pa-diddle but got us there…

this was the first time i encountered this specific male hanson fan who is like 6’5″ and in love with taylor. ill encounter him again and it will be bad, but i should have known from this show. he was standing in about 7th row and would compulsively scream out “I LOVE YOU TAYLOR” (esp when it got quiet) — girls do it all the time but this was just different, distracting. you could also say at this point i was getting a little fed up with the scene in general, exhausted.

we spent the first half of the set in the front row, then moved to the balcony to get a wider view.
once it was over, we booked it to cincinnati..


Strong Enough To Break
If Only
Runaway Run
Rock N Roll Razorblade
The Walk
Teach Your Children
Sure About It
Aint No Sunshine
Being Me
Love Me
Penny and Me
Wish That I Was There
You Never Know
Rip It Up
This Time Around
A Song To Sing

Odgen, 10/14/03

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