once again, we were bozos and had no idea how far cincinnati was from cleveland. in our defense, you can get anywhere in nj in under two hours.. so the nearly 4 hour drive exhausted us. we showed up to the venue with no idea what we were expecting. there was about 5 or 6 girls in line already and a crazy-bars just let out-scene. it was one of those crusty punks situations. but crusty punks in the middle of ohio who have been drinking all night and at shows are NOT amused by a bunch of girls with their sleeping bags and walk men. i remember feeling safe (kelly and i both had crusty punk boyfriends, we could deal with these d-bags) – i was not into being screamed at. these guys were issuing death threats and saying just the stupidest shit – luckily the cops came quick and kept them away. we slept in our cars that night (parked in front of the venue) and survived.

we made friends with some sweet girls in line, who let us use their hotel room to shower. their hotel was located in kentucky and we loved that part (little things.)

this show was good. hanson’s energy was really high (it was sort of low in cleveland) and we were front row center, jigging like maniacs.

i remember specifically a point when taylor was going this time around and came up and put the microphone up to me and let me sing a few lines .. was a huge moment for me. we got guitar picks.

afterward, our car was backed into the parking lot – it was also one of the most riotous after show/bus scenes i’ve ever seen.. in a good way. basically meaning hanson was out there being really social and making lots of people really happy (there must have been something in the water that night.) we sat on the roof of old faithful and observed the happiness. of course, having no idea how long it took from cincy to nj (9 hours!)

we got back to nj and the car finally died about 1 mile from my house. it was stop and go this entire trip but its last breath was right in bordentown. damn, how lucky were we? we had someone pick us up and i made it just in time for my 8 am class. next show? virginia.

2003-10-15 Cincinnati, OH Bogarts

Rock N Roll Razorblade
Strong Enough To Break
Wheres The Love
Runaway Run
The Walk
Teach Your Children
With You In Your Dreams
Hand in Hand
Crazy Beautiful
Aint No Sunshine
Penny and Me
If Only
You Never Know
Rip It Up
This Time Around
Lost Without Each Other

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