that is a picture from my webcam, taken after heather called me and said she scored 3 passes to the carnegie hall afterparty. we already had our tickets (3rd row, seated) and the show was just a week away. she had a close working relationship with the local radio station and when they received them, they dutifully passed them on — they call her heather hanson. she deserved it.

we were so excited for this. not only was it a huge deal that hanson was playing the legendary carnegie hall but it was the last official show on this tour. we had such an amazing time following both legs on the east coast, it only seemed right to end it at carnegie hall with an after party!

turned out that most of the other business people invited were older and not fans. which served us better because we managed to get a few glasses of wine in (then they took them away because we were under 21.. lame) and got a group picture with hanson. it was a pretty surreal moment as the paparazzi (err photographers) gathered around us while we posed with hanson.

afterward we mingled for a bit. talked to a bunch of people. ben kweller was there which was pretty cool – at the time he was another one of my favorites, didn’t know he was even friends with hanson.

we ended up talking to the guys for a bit and then headed home, leaving the ball early made me feel like cinderella and i think that train ride home was total bliss. my dad and boyfriend at the time also went to the show (dad drove us in) but then ended up going home while we went to the party.

funny story, over the tour we grew close to a fan’s mom and she saw the group picture posted online, printed it, and colored in heather’s boobs with a sharpie. i think of that every time i look at that picture.. so funny. and of course, my eyes are closed.

there are more pictures from this night, i need to scan them in.

2003-11-05 New York, NY Carnegie Hall
Strong Enough To Break
If Only
Runaway Run
Rock N Roll Razorblade
The Walk
Teach Your Children
When Youre Gone
With You In Your Dreams
I Will Come To You
Aint No Sunshine
Hand in Hand
Love Me
Penny and Me
Wheres The Love
Rip It Up
This Time Around
You Never Know
A Song To Sing

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