this show was a frantic thing to get together for all of us. they announced it and compulsion set in and we got tickets. we showed up 3 days in advance to camp out. insane, i know. a fellow jersey hanson fan joined us for the trip and we originally tried to leave in my car but it was literally dragged down the street as we drove away. kim’s car was big enough for us all (it was a monte carlo! oo la la) so we hit the road.

we showed up and there was no one there. but, about 2 hours later another super fan showed up. goes to show that we aren’t alone in this. shortly after that, hanson showed up. they brought us hot chocolate and went up to their hotel room. since the house of blues is on public property they did not want us camping out – it was also freezing. we moved for the first night to a BRIDGE around the corner. got woken up by cops actually kicking us to wake up. we went to the car. then decided we needed a hotel room. about 15 of us went in on a suite in the house of blues and everything was better.

the venue was honoring the list, we were sitting on couches, knitting. exploring the city, getting someone who was 21 to buy us booze. bonding with some fans we didn’t ever really hang out with during the entire tour. one night we ventured into the city to meet up with a different band we knew that was on tour there.

the night of the show came, they all of a sudden had this rule that you had to buy merchandise from the store and get a receipt and get a ticket and then that marked your place in line. we were pretty upset about these new rules, hanson knows their fans, just seemed a bit abusive. i psychotically bought 3 onesies (the first thing i saw) and ended up 5 people back in one of the lines (they also now had three lines) — i think most of us who had been waiting for this show were freaking exhausted by now. there was a lot of bitching going on. i just prayed for the best, knowing that once they let us in i’d run and secure front row for us all.

nope. did i mention they were also filming their dvd this show? so that’s why it was such a big deal. so, to visually prove they don’t just have girl fans, someone from hanson’s team had gone through and picked out every male in the line, with their female guests, and let them in prior to the actual line(s) so when we got in there were 3 rows already there. in front of us? that really tall guy from cleveland. i think it was a mixture of exhaustion and desperation but i remember feeling so discouraged during their first song i just cried. then i got into it and tried to make the best of our situation. poor kim was so tiny and stuck behind these guys (shes like 5’0″) so had to leave the crowd. the three of us ended up squeezing horizontally into the space made for one person, clapping together and making the best of it (this could also be known as a triple spoon) — a lot of the other girls had the guys in front of them give up their space, not us. we were near some hardcore male hanson fans. the one nutcase i got stuck near was physically fighting with me. like, really? when the show was “over” they left and came back to reshoot a few songs – a lot of people had left so when they came back out we turned around and got front row for those songs. they did ‘love somebody to know’ so it was all worth it.

eventually, the concert ended, we checked out of our hotel and headed back east. we somehow got home and i think i slept for days. total exhaustion set in. i was really so glad it was all over.. for now.

if you are ever watching the underneath acoustic dvd, look for the tall man in the front row, then look for three girls sideways clapping, that’s us! or check out this video;

2003-11-11 Chicago, IL House of Blues

Strong Enough To Break
If Only
Runaway Run
Rock N Roll Razorblade
The Walk
Teach Your Children
When Youre Gone
With You In Your Dreams
I Will Come To You
Aint No Sunshine
Hand in Hand
Crazy Beautiful
Penny and Me
Wheres The Love
You Never Know
Rip It Up
Love Somebody To Know
This Time Around
Lost Without Each Other

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