Aaaah, to see Taylor Hanson & Gwen Stefani on the same stage. Pretty Epic in my book, they are two of my favorite blondes. Jackie got tickets to the show & a room at The Borgata.. she was sweet enough to invite us to be her guests.

Nothing like getting ready in a hotel room with your girls, seeing two of your favorite artists perform, one of them to stand directly behind you during the second show (oh wait, is that taylor? we asked and mandy finally got her picture.) dancing like maniacs during the show, so much fun, running back to the room to spruce up and obviously have a quick dance party – then we head to the club — run into those previously mentioned favorite artists (snap fan pic of gwen, leave taylor alone.) then we order 4 awfully made long islands (nearly undrinkable, why don’t bartenders shake these drinks? shaken not stirred!!!) — chugged them, got on the dance floor for a few, and oh wait, is that? yes, money falling from the ceiling. actual bills. you know my ass got on the floor and stuffed my purse with bills before the girls said we were outta there! i made just enough to cover our ridiculous round (that i no longer had serious regret.. $15 a drink. no way!) that was the first time any establishment has “made it rain” on my awkward gladiator sandal wearing dancing in a club self. on the way back to our room we ran into Tom Dumont, the guitarist from No Doubt. All that working (we weren’t yet twerking) we headed back the room, washed our faces, got into bed and watched some tv.

To clarify, this concert wasn’t Hanson & No Doubt — but Taylor’s side project, Tinted Windows:

How did Tinted Windows come about?
Tinted Windows happened because my friend Adam Schleshinger of Fountains of Wayne, and many other bands, was like, “Do you wanna make a band with Taylor Hanson singing?” And I said, “Yeah, that’d be awesome.” He started writing some songs. He’s been friendly with Taylor for a while, and he emailed him, and it just sort of happened. – James Iha (of The Smashing Pumpkins) (source) (read more about the band @ source)

Heather and I also saw Tinted Windows during a taping of The Jimmy Fallon show — you can check that out on my 365 from 2009.

MMMBOP 4 eva!
ashley faye

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