Bulls vs Nets 2011

For Christmas I got Joe court-side tickets to see The Bulls play in NJ.   This Christmas was one of the hardest for me, financially.  I actually just went ahead and spent my entire paycheck on these tickets because I just knew Joe deserved this (and rent will just have to figure itself out, right?) SO I bought the tickets.  In a frenzy, I found seats that were directly behind the hoop on stubhub.  I called Joe’s dad to see if they were worth the price, had an anxiety attack and then went ahead and purchased!

We had already decided on minimal presents for each other so I was so excited to give this semi-big time present to him.  I grabbed a few less-read books from our shelf, wrapped them up and gave them to Joe Christmas morning at his parent’s house.  He opened them with hesitance, knowing he already owned all of these books!  I played dumb — “Do you like them?? I thought you might like that one!”  Found out later he felt so bad because my gifts were so lame.   The final gift was a folder with the printed tickets, the seating chart and the virtual view we’d have from our seats.  Needless to say, Joe was excited.  Will I erase his manliness to say he might have shed a tear? He really loves the Bulls.

The game was the week after Christmas.  I met him after work, we went to Jersey & had fun.  I’ve never been that close to NBA players, they are huge.  I am a tall girl too, but WHOA.  Noah was out on injury (he is my fave) and I realized halfway through that Kim Kardashian’s fiancee, Kris Humphries was on the Nets, but Kim wasn’t there.

Seeing that we bought the tickets off a Nets season ticket holder, we were surrounded by sort of violent Nets fans who were obviously a bit threatened by the Bulls.  They talked a bit of shit, the mascot messed with us (almost got Joe ejected – pics below) and  we got to see the behind the scenes of the cheerleaders, long-time fans and lots of $10 beers.
I went shutter crazy, check it out-


Notice Joe’s arms physically moving the mascot away from him? It was a close game and in the final seconds the “Sly Fox” blocked our view completely, I love Joe’s temper at times like this because he just was not having it.  Also, if you know anything about NBA ball, you know Derrick Rose is incredibly hard on himself, can you notice his defeat in these pictures as the game moves forward?  I love the intensity in all their faces.   Also, the old man in one of the pictures was hilarious and seemed to be a staple at all games.  He was crazy enthusiastic and his wife just smiled him on the entire time.  I cut my Bulls shirt before the game so it looked cuter, and wore Joe’s childhood necklace! so cute.   I was never into basketball, but I really love it now.

Can you spot us? This is a cell phone shot of the TV (we DVRed)

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