Superbowl Sunday aka Normal Sunday with more Wings

I’m not going to pretend I enjoy watching Football.  Because, I don’t.  I tried to like it for years.  Just couldn’t get it down to actually “follow” a game. Also, there is something that just irks the hell outta me about a girl slamming down a mug of beer and yelling at the TV in public.  I guess working in bars for too long has made me jaded to the female sports fan, girl- you’re annoying.  That being said, I absolutely DO enjoy the Superbowl.  It’s exciting and there are normally parties involved with hot wings and commercials, half time show, and team spirit.  This year we headed into Manhattan for a lil shin’dig.  Our friend Matt was taking care of his Uncle’s penthouse apartment in the Financial District.  I can’t really tell you what happened during the game. The beautifulness of the apartment had me distracted! I do know that Fergie scared me during halftime, I loved the Eminem commercial and that episode of Glee was way too much.  It’s probably because I’ve never watched Glee with another human being.. I get pretty into it.  Its embarrassing.  The rooftop was fun, even though snow covered.  Views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the gap in space where the WTC used to be.  We got silly and had a fun time.   Catch me during the World Series, I’m a quiet baseball fan.

[top left, that gaping hole is where the WTC used to be.  so close]

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