The NBA lockout.


(Picture by Ashley, Jan 2010)

The NBA lockout has finally ended, and to top it off, they’re going to start the season on Christmas Day, with the Bulls being one of the games.  I love Christmas, but I haven’t been this excited for December 25th since I was 13 years old.

Most people don’t really care, and it amazes me how many of them there are.  But then I think about what the NBA used to be like and I understand.  My generation unfortunately grew up during the end of the Jordan and Pippen era with the Bulls, and in the few years after the league went to shambles.  Not as many stars. Too many “thugs.”  No real likeable guys.
But I assure you the game is back.  The league is loaded with young talent, and these guys play hard.  Most people have always complained that the NBA guys don’t try that hard, that college basketball is so much more fun to watch because they actually care.  And that might have been the case in the late 90s/early 2000s, but times have changed.  There are some young stars in the league right now, and they’re all trying to prove they belong more than the other. LeBron. Rose. Durant and Westbrook. Blake. Melo. Rondo. Curry. These guys are gooooooooood. Merry Christmas hoopsters.
Daaaaaaaaaaaaa bulls.


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