Wendy’s dethrones BK as #2 Burger Chain!

Go Wendy’s! I dont know about ya’ll, but Wendy’s is my absolute #1 choice for fast food.  I don’t get to lurch through drive-thru’s as much as I used to but every time we creep into NJ late night, you know I am stopping at Wendy’s.  Also, I have maybe had Wendy’s 3 or 4 times in NY, and it’s always a disappointment. Small town chains are definitely better.

Now, they have officially dethroned BK as the #2 burger chain.  I still like myself some BK too (who doesn’t) but I am slightly proud for Wendy’s and Dave Thomas.  I actually shed tears when he passed away (we’ve already established that I have issues.)

What do you order when you go to Wendy’s? Me?  Junior Bacon Cheesebuger, 5 pc Nugget (with honey mustard and bbq) Dollar fries and a medium Cherry Coke.  Or if I’m really hungry I get a #1 with cheese AND a 5 pc nugget. Because people, I have to.

Source – brandchannel (go to site to read more!)

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