In defense of Lana Del Rey

I have to talk about Lana Del Rey, and her song “Video Games.”  I have been hearing her music for quite a bit. Here at work, a bunch of different people control the music.  We hear a lot of different stuff. From people’s iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, etc, etc, whatever. Well basically, I’ve heard this song played often, its very nice. It made me feel good. I enjoyed it, felt inspired and calm, you know the deal. I kept forgetting to ask someone who was playing, although I meant to.

This weekend we recorded Daniel Radcliffe on SNL. Which, btw- was amazing. He did so well! I loved the Harry Potter flash forward.. pretty funny (you should watch.)  Well, Lana Del Rey was the musical guest. As soon as the song started I was like “Whoa! This is that song!”  (you know that moment?)  Joe and I sat there in a trance and watched her performance. She moved slow, methodically, she has a slow deep voice, I loved her sound.  Gothic, sexy and a bit condescending. Also, she actually does remind me of Nancy Sinatra (I thought this before I saw people hating on her comparison to Nance) – The next morning I woke up with the song in my head.  I immediately retreated to the internet to hear it again. I was faced with tons of slams about her performance.  Herself as an artist, her lips? Her dance moves? I am just so confused about what our culture thinks is acceptable and what they would REALLY like to see. I feel like haters be hating just because they can use the internet as their forum. Weak, sauce.  People leech onto these ideas, but who are they? And maybe, Who are you? Are you a hater?

I think Lana Del Rey is pretty cool. She is coming out with something that I haven’t seen in the mass media yet. She is a bit hipster- bit retro- obviously from the internet age.  She was born in 1986, she is young. She is also  from upstate New York, she is probably quite normal of a girl. They say she acted nervous as if it was a bad thing- wouldn’t you? On SNL? Coming basically straight from youtube? I get flustered before I order my coffee most days. Also, she is so “un original” – well, wtf is that? What constitutes original anymore? Someone who can create something from nothing? Don’t all you people (maybe none of you people reading this, but still) realize that everything in this world is inspired by something else? Let, it, go. Maybe I need to even let it go. I just don’t understand why for some reason I feel embarassed  of the fact that 381 played that song nearly 15 times over the weekend (we all have a bit of obsessive personalities.) Maybe I should be ashamed of the fact that I like to dance real slow like Lana does, stick my lips out and flounce my arms around like a baby bird. Maybe I like tomake up parodies to the tunes- try it. Instead of “it’s you, it’s you” try “it’s poo, it’s poo” … just see where it goes. Have some fun, people.

I really like Video Games lyrics, I think they are relatable. “I say you da the bestest, lean in for a big kiss, put his favorite perfume on. Go play your video game.” It’s cute. She is not taking herself that seriously (or maybe she is, I really don’t care- thats her perog!) Also I really dig her videos, and I read that she made them herself. Which is cool. I esp am fond of the fact that she uses clips of the Paz de la Huerta from Bordwalk Empire acting like a hot mess in Hollywood. I just like it people. I really think if you don’t like it, you need a reality check. Not every musicial arrangement is going to place properly with you, a lot of people have become famous for reasons other then being the ~*most*~ talented person out there. Just let it be. And listen to Video Games, give it another shot. It’s good.

This sounds like I just want to rub one off to Lana Del Rey, which I assure you is not the case.  I just wanted to say something about the fact that people have to take something that can just be fun and enjoyable, pick it apart, and act like total fools.  That’s all.  Anyone have any opinion on all of this?
PS- since yesterday I noticed this video bumped up ONE MILLION views. So clearly I am not alone in this, just wanted everyone to know I am aware of that.
PSS- I wouldn’t mind raiding her closet.

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