Lin is good. And the Knicks are not.

Jeremy Lin is a good basketbal player.  For anyone who’s ever played the game, this is clear to see when you watch him.  He will most likely enjoy a nice career in the NBA, since proving he belongs and can contribute, even on the biggest basketball stage known as Madison Square Garden.  Because he’s good.  And that’s that.

Let’s not forget that no one (including his opponents) knew much about him before he went on his impressive streak of filling the stat sheet and winning a few games for a team that was already supposed to win games anyway.  Or that their lineup will continue to shake up due to injuries and returning players (see: Melo, Amare and Baron Davis).  OR, that of their 7 wins, 6 were against teams under .500.  But, in what might be the weirdest and most physically demanding season ever, this story is refreshing, especially for a guy (from Harvard, not known for its athletics) reviving a team and a city desperate for success.

I will continue to root for Lin.  He seems like a good kid, he plays hard, and he knows how to play, and even better, win.   But I won’t be surprised when his production goes down as his teammates’ go up, as well as when the Knicks continue to struggle because they still lack what’s necessary to win, and that’s chemistry and teamwork.  As long as Melo and Amare are on the same court, it won’t happen.  Both great talents, but the ball stops in both set of hands.  Plus, they’re still an average team, currently at 15-15.

I hope Knick fans enjoy it while it lasts.  Until then, good for Lin, and good for the Knicks, because winning games is all that matters.

And he gave it to Kobe at the Garden.  Big props for that.

Kobe is #24.

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