aaaand now I’m kinda scared of the Knicks

I recently expressed how I feel about the Knicks.  However, that was until they signed JR Smith.

I’ve always known how deadly JR was since high school.  For his first 3 years, JR played at Lakewood High School in NJ, where we (Monsignor Donovan) played them twice a year.  Always good games, and everyone in the gym knew JR was bound for bigger and better things.

He’s a lights out shooter.  And a freak athlete.  And I guess a tattoo enthusiast to boot.  All of this will fit in really well with NYC, and, while I’m afraid to admit it, this could be what makes this a pretty dangerous  Knicks team.

They need shooting.  And since I can remember, haven’t ever really had one aside from Allan Houston, but they didn’t do much during his tenure.

Between Amare, Melo, the Tebow-like experience that is Jeremy Lin, and JR, I think the Garden might explode.  Afraid to say it, but the Knicks might be the only thing you hear about for the next few months.  People were gassed about Lin, but JR might be the guy that justifies all they hype the Knicks have so far received.

Do you think the Knicks finally have what it takes?

Update: I’m watching his first game at the Garden right now on ABC and I’ve already seen him drop three 3′s … check it out if you can.

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