Luol Deng /lou – all/ /deng/

A few months back I found this artist, Richard Swarbrick.  He’s known for making videos of great British athletes, including Wayne Rooney, Stuart Broad, and Andy Murray (not very familiar with any of these guys; I’ve heard of Rooney before).  He recently made one of another British star, Chicago Bull Luol Deng.  I know I’m biased as a Bulls fan, but he’s become one of my favorite players.  Not flashy, but he’s gooood.  Not to mention he’s an amazing humanitarian.  Check out his foundation too.

By the way, those clips are from March 6, 2011, when the Bulls beat LeBron James and the rest of the Heat on a Sunday afternoon, solidifying their stance as championship contenders.  We had fun that day, Ashley even blogged about it.


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