It’s Ash Wednesday, which means the ads for the McDonalds filet-o-fish will be ingrained in everyone’s heads for the next few weeks. Heard my first ad this morning, so I decided to do a little research.

It first came to existence in 1962 at one of the franchises in Cincinatti, Ohio. The creator and owner of the franchise, Lou Groen, recognized the large Roman Catholic population around him and was aware of their tradition of not eating meat on Fridays (this tradition was much more intense back then).

Ray Kroc (love that last name), the company owner, made a deal with Groen and put out two non-hamburger sandwiches: his own “hula burger,” which was grilled pineapple, and the fish filet. Whichever sold more would be added to the menu. The fish filet won, and was finally introduced to menus nationwide in 1965.

I’ve always been a fan of the filet-o-fish. Most people I find are skeptical of the sandwich, but from what we know about burgers and processed chicken sandwiches, how could this be any (if at all) worse? It’s basically just fish sticks heated up.

Plus, they’re damn tasty. Can’t wait till I get my next one.

Any other fish filet lovers out there?

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