Did you guys know if was offensive to wear orange on St Patrick’s Day? I mean, I guess it depends on who you are talking to but last weekend before I went to a parade, my girl Terry said how people take serious offense to orange wearers! Well guess what! About three years ago I thought I was so cool because I found an orange silk shirt and wore green underneath it.  No one said anything and I am sure that no one really cared.  I looked it up on wiki answers and saw this -

I believe orange is acceptable to wear on St. Patrick’s Day if you are protestant. The Flag of Ireland is green, orange and white. The green represents Ireland (meaning the original Catholic Ireland), the orange represents the Protestant Ireland and the white represents the peace between the two — although that is still to come. In this day of terrorism, it would be nice to have peace when worshiping God in one part of the world. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I thought that was interesting.  This year, I played the green low.  Jeans, earrings, sneakers.  I made it to three parades and had one reuben and a few Guinnesses.  How did you celebrate?   Although I am not even a sliver of Irish, I find fun in this holiday year after year.  When I was little, I remember staying so still, trying to find a Leprechaun.  Our elementary school janitors were hilarious and used to put teeny tiny green footprints up and down the hallways, all over our desks and classrooms.  It was really cute – said janitor also always said “HEY BOO BOO!!” at random times and I always thought that was really fun.

I wanted to share bombard you with some of my favorite St Patrick’s Day memories.  All of these photos were taken in Seaside, which you might be most familiar with from MTV’s show The Jersey Shore, check it out before we were infested.  Also, you will notice me pointing my finger in one of these pictures, that was directly in front of where Snooki would be punched the following year.  Wow, I hate that clip.


dang, those are some of my favorite peeps.

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