I know St Patrick’s day is sooooo last week.  BUT I have more pictures to share.  So .. here goes nothing, my babies.



You just saw: Nate’s cat, Miirs (isnt he gorg?) Scenes from the beach house, including a baby Joe and Nate found on the beach and  pile of Stinky’s treats, coffee, artwork, the heads, my brother, wardrobe decisions, Liz, an abandoned beer, that didn’t take too long to get kicked over (yes, we all waited and watched) KARMA! with Liz, fist pumping in front of it. Do the Jersey Shore people even pump their fists? they might be more of gyrators, Joe & Luke, Riggers (one of the hands down sketchiest bars in seaside.. you can’t even imagine) Jimbo’s, two of my bestest in the whole world (and I’m so happy they love each other so much too!) & these are the last pictures I took that day, you can tell I was wandering around by myself, feeling… arty? haha! Also, here are two pics of me via friends fb’s.

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