This happened.  My Dad *always* made meatloaf when I was little.  This was one of his staple dishes.  He has always been a really good cook.  I got the basis of his recipe a few years back on a quick phone call outside of Shoprite.  I now refer to it every time I make a meatloaf, but usually end up fussing it up a bit.

This time? I added honey, green pepper, horseradish and no bacon.  I accidently dumped a bit too much BBQ sauce in there and was pretty worried.  BUT it came out amazing.  We also had red bliss mashed potatoes (skin on) and spicy boiled baby carrots.  A salad of red leaf lettuce, tomatoes & croutons with a DEE-LISH buttermilk dressing that we’re are already almost out of.  Also, garlic cheesy bread for an appetizer (I sometimes get frustrated with letting things rest, and cut into it when it’s not ready- ruining it.)  This batch was so good, we forgot to take pictures of the final product.  This happens a lot.  But, try starting off with those simple steps, and add your own flavor to it.  Really, anything you’d put on a burger.

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