I got sort of sad today when I realized where the new Whole Foods was going to be put.  I had heard a few people talk about it here and there and felt empathy for the neighborhood for gaining it (and yes, a little jealous too!) but really, I just hadn’t give it much thought.  Then I saw a little video about it (below) and realized its a building I’ve adored since we first moved here.  I have always had a thing for empty, dilapidated places.  I’m not sure why, I like to think of the memories it once held, and how tragic time is.  Yeah, I’m getting that deep in a post about Whole Foods.


Kennedy, the former MTV VJ came to Park Slope and intereviewd some people about it.  I love the people outside the co-op, just because I have heard so many people talk about volunteering there, and I know there is a serious drama circle there and political forces, that the people milling about are so classic.  I see an old customer of mine in the background and love the old lady who hate’s Whole Foods.  Watch til the end, classic.

image via bridge and tunnel club

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