Remember when Joe left me for Paula Deen? Then, her son? Well, he done did it again.  He left 9 days ago, comes home in 3.  He is back down in Savannah, enjoying beach side residence, warm temperatures, new friends, The Deen Family, porch beers, solitude and sunshine.  Nah, I’m not jealous.  You know why? I’ve been chillin, as well.  I have been living as a Bachelorette and catching up on so much reading, editing, conversations, cooking, cleaning and one on one cuddles with Stink and Pip.  I do feel like my entire existence is off balance without my man around, but knowing he comes home so soon puts me immediately in check.

I have and will always be obsessed with SFU, getting more and more interested in the Prohibition period &  enjoying being subscribed to magazines again.  Such a wonderous treat.

You know Ashley is home when…. every cabinet and drawer is left wide open.

I was convinced for a few minutes that this was Kenan Thompson looking older, but nope, its Bill Nunn (in He Got Game)

Who else feels extreme nostalgia with this print of towels?

Reason #3794 why Joe is cute: he left flowers on the counter for me to come home to.  :)

something I picked from a blooming tree on our block (then immed felt bad for picking it)  leftover meatballs & veg.

My life (when I’m lucky)

littered countertops

oh nbd, found these a few stoops down! score! now I need a working VCR ( I have 4 broken ones.)

Fried chicken is just so good.

Here is a shot of Joe and Paula from his trip down in February.  It’s really awesome how close he has gotten with everyone he works with.  He has something lined up to write about how much respect he has for her, keep your eyes peeled. Go Paula!

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