Stroud’s – The Home of Pan-Fried Chicken, KCMO.

We are watching No Reservations and they are in Kansas City.  He’s investigating the best bbq spot and luckily Liz knows a thing or two herself about KCBBQ.  Last May when Joe and I visited, we even went to a few places Anthony visited.

On Joe’s birthday we went to Stroud’s and damn, it was good.  Just classic good fried chicken, not fancy or fussy- just the way it should be. Also, damn, their gravy.  And I had a few bloody mary’s, one of best I’ve ever had.  I yapped to the bar tender about his recipe for a bit.  We sat at the bar (it was also Mother’s Day, the restaurant had a 2 hour wait.)  I always prefer sitting at the bar, because you can form more of a relationship with your server/get a gist of a place.

Anyway, at the end of our meal the bartender just ever-so-gently places a basket-of-thee-most-scrumptious cinnamon breads/rolls you’d ever seen.  Picture below of Joe, elated with his roll.  They were good. We were so full, and had so many leftovers.  It was awesome.  We all went back to Liz’s apartment and napped for about 5 hours.  It was that kind of meal!
Before we left, we were totally chippity-chip, literally- climbing the walls.   

This last picture is an accurate depiction of Liz and I if I ever saw one, that’s for sure.

(now I’m hungry.)

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