it makes me happy to put simple whole foods together without a recipe or actual destination.  i let the spirit move me and get artsy with it all.

sometimes it turns out awesome, sometimes, not so much. this time though, it was pretty dang good.  took me under 30 minutes including prep, clean up and cooking. do it!

1. sauté 4 smashed garlic gloves, salt+pep, mushrooms, butter and red wine.
2. once that is rocking, add one full can of san marzano peeled tomatoes +  3 tbs tomato paste.  cover and cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.  when  taste ready, get pasta going.
3. add left over string beans (you can get creative here, with any veg.) bring the sauce to a boil, add freshly grated parmesan cheese.  after 3 minutes, take off heat.
4. serve over pasta, top with more freshly grated cheese (it’s the only way to go!)
5. non nomnomnomnom.

joe watched the tube
liz was my sidekick jester
i looked through middle school pictures (trying to organize)
double fisted coffee & beer.

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