Today I received a life-changing piece of camera equipment.  I couldn’t wait to get home and take some pictures.  Guess what?! It’s of my animals and what I had for dinner.

We defrosted this pork roll over the weekend and never got around to cooking it, so I decided to feast myself with a trusty PEC.   Translation: pork roll, egg and cheese.

If you aren’t from New Jersey you might be wondering what pork roll is.
Its New Jersey’s meat. A pork roll, egg & cheese on an everything bagel or poppy seed roll with salt pepper & ketchup is one of my favorite things in the world.

The meat itself was created by a man named John Taylor, from Trenton, NJ.
Get this! John Taylor was a Quaker AND attended the same meeting house as my family.  This was in the 1870s.. maybe pork roll was dreamt up during silent worship?

My babies^

Not all pork roll comes in a casing, but I prefer it like this. There’s just something about tearing it back and hand slicing.  Like all circular meat, make sure to cut 3 slits so it doesn’t curl.

Start with a cold pan, keep on low heat.  Flip occasionally.  I like mine browned and bubbly.   When done, transfer to paper towel.

Then I cook my eggs in the same pan.

My kitchen was a disaster afterward.  I’d like to also add that I was out of ketchup so I used my Daddie’s sauce.
Although my British friends say its like ketchup, its not like ketchup when it comes to breakfast food.  

This season of Keeping Ip with the Kardashians is officially the weirdest one yet.
Bruce looks wack.
Kris Jenner is addicted to technology.
Kim is losing it.
Kourtney can’t believe this is her life. Neither can Scott.

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