serves two for light fare, serves 4 for appetizer.
1. preheat oven to 425.
2. peel / slice carrots, scrub beets clean, 8th half of a white onion.
3. create a tin foil home for your veggies. lay evenly, drizzle with olive oil, then salt & pep.
4. in 35 min, check tenderness. if tender*, take out.
5. let cool to a handling temperature, peel beet skins off.
6. optional: bleu cheese, home made bread** a chilled red, summer beer & fluffy clouds.

we picked raspberries from the garden for dessert. (and yep, i feel fancy sayin that, k?)

*i cooked these to what i’ll call barely roasted. if you’d like for them to cook longer, leave in longer.
& after i let the beets cool, i sliced them and we ate. the food wasn’t hot or cold. it was light and refreshing.
** joe likes to sop things up. this dish had glorious drippings for him to work with.

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