wanna know something to immediately make you feel pretty?
fancy pasta.
go to an italian deli. one that sells hand made pasta and sauces. pick up bread, wine and olives. fo’real.

we like to go to a place in our neighborhood called russo’s.

this particular evening, we picked up spiral and a bag of tortellini (sold by weight – you scoop your own!), alfredo sauce, an italian loaf and marinara bread. they have a large variety and also a market with fun italian brands and products.
annnd; an actually tantalizing deli counter (i’m talking legit sandwiches and salads.)

i ended up cooking the spiral immediately and made a pasta salad with it.
.. i also had a small bowl w/cheese and bread as an appetizer.
real pasta just tastes so much better then boxed pasta. its lighter.

1. we threw on the sauce
2. once hot, tossed in tortellini.
3. shaved parm cheese on top –
the meal cost us $12 and would comfortably serve 3.
(with leftover sauce.)

we also tried out c-town for the first time and opt’ed for delivery. for me, shopping at markets or delis really adds up. most of the grocery stores around here can also get pretty suspect. i really enjoyed my shopping experience at c-town (even though the aisles are small) but their produce & meat section was nice (always makes me trust a place) we bought a shit ton of food to last us weeks and had it all delivered for $5! score.
it came in boxes which always makes me feel happy. it’s the little things?

do you have any special traditions that makes you feel good?

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