Maine, 2012

in late june, my mom, joe, and myself, took a 12 hour trip up to bar harbor, maine.

my cousin was getting married and we decided to take a few days.
i’ll also admit that it was my first official *paid* vacation in my life (it felt good.)

the first day, we took time to take walks along the shore path, gazed at the blooming lupins, ate popovers and drank tea at the jordan pond house, jumped cliffs at long pond ledges, watched a gorgeous sunset from cadillac mountain and got ice cream at ben & bills.

the next day, sylvi and her brother drove up from portland to have a visit & spend a few days at their families’ home. we got lunch downtown and then headed to somesville. pretty cool: their ancestors were the first settlers on mount desert island and still occupy their home. their uncle was around and took us all out into the sound for a boat ride.

the air was so heavy & rain was on it’s way, totally dark and stormy (a drink you see in all maine bars.) we managed to circle around and check our cliffs and even better: cliff side homes. when the rain started, we headed to land. we laid low that night and enjoyed the torrential rain, playing cards in the safety of a screened in porch. we roasted marshmallows in the fire. that night, i slept like a baby. as always, we woke up the next morning to a breakfast made by sylvi. the local market had pork roll!

the wedding was that afternoon and i swear, the sun came out just in time.

thanks for taking the visual trip to maine with us. that’s all folks.

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