Back In The Day Bakery

Yesterday at work, I had to do some research on a bakery we’ve worked with once before, called Back In the Day Bakery.  It’s an old-school bakery that serves traditional sweets, coffee/espresso, and sandwiches in Savannah, Georgia.

Cheryl Day and her husband, Griffith, run the place, and they do a fantastic job. Known to be one of the best (if not THE best) in the area, this place does not disappoint.  Not only do they serve quality food, but they’ve also decorated the place with antiques of all kinds, mostly relating to baking and the south.  It’s very comforting, and it also gives you the sense that what they’re making is traditional too.

Unfortunately on the day we worked at BITDB, I had a lot to drink the night before at the Crystal Beer Parlor with Ashley (great beers and burgers) and wasn’t really in the mood to do much eating that morning.  However, I couldn’t pass up a roll with some of their bacon jam, and I’m glad I didn’t.

If you’re in Savannah and appreciate a classic bakery, you should check it out.  Most likely they will have other customers, as this place is never empty.  That, and people from Savannah enjoy their sweets.  Eating and drinking well is part of their lifestyle, and it’s just as important as the greetings they give and receive to fellow pedestrians.  It’s completely normal to walk down the street and be greeted with a ‘Good morning!’ by someone you’ve never seen; just be courteous and respond.

Have a good day!

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