New! D. Rose Adidas Commercial

Derrick Rose tore his ACL during the first game of the playoffs this year.  He was instantly done for the rest of the season, and as a result the Bulls lost the series.

People have wondered whether he’ll be the same once he returns.  But let ‘em. He’s been doubted before. Heading into the 2008 NBA draft, no one was sure if he or Michael Beasley should be the Number 1 Pick.

Rose was picked first.  Since then no one has questioned it.  He’s turned the Bulls into legit contenders, got Chicago fans thinking of championships again, and has made friends with the President.

He’s also earned Rookie of the Year and MVP honors along the way.  Not to mention the All-Star games and Olympic appearances.

So he got hurt.

But he’ll be back.  Oh yea.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa bulls.

- Joe

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