I sometimes feel like it’s crazy that I have been putting my life online since 1998. Switching mediums, bouncing from place to place. I always want to change and move or just stop. But it’s just something that I do, and will be doing no matter what. Is this site the best place for it? So far, it’s fine. I purposely stood back from updating anything of our day-to-day basis because it’s such an intense level of exposure. I stopped reading other people’s blogs, and then started to really dislike my own.

Summer came and went. It was an interesting one. The first summer I’ve worked a job during the week and didn’t have endless beach days, followed by sunburnt bar hopping. It was good though – I bunked down and dealt with some things. And now fall is here and I’m ready for the changing of seasons.

This past month has been all over the place; spent some time in Jersey with the family, headed to Montauk for Labor Day, Joe went to Savannah for 6 days to do some filming, I had a few much needed girls nights, then we went to Washington state for 6 days and tried to escape the calls and chaos of our east coast life.

Ben stayed at the apartment while we were gone, and then again last week before he moves up to Boston for an exciting career move. New York is going to miss him! My dad had Stinky since August 25th and on Saturday I was able to drive down to Jersey and recover my pup! Not having him around was a serious void. I squeezed in time with one of my closest friends and had one of those rejuvenating experiences that comes after 3 hours of nonstop talking (hi girl!).

We did some serious organizing and cleaning of the apartment, watched the Emmys and had a few White Russians. I was up for quite a bit doing some work and I felt pretty 2001 to be that accomplished into the morning hours.

As we settle into fall, I hope to peak my documentation – we’ll see!

How to make a White Russian -

2 parts vodka
1 part kahlua
1 part half & half
ice (I like to semi-crush mine first.)
top with more ice, sprinkle cinnamon.

“DUDE” so good.

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