hi all! i am dropping in quickly to update any interested about our safety as hurricane sandy gets ready to seriously enter new york city. i think it’s due to really hit around 7 pm and its 5:20 now. we have been following the progress closely and are both praying for our family and friends that are at the jersey shore right now. i have been in touch and keeping up to date via instagram and facebook and am happy to say everyone is safe or evacuated. my mom has my aunt with her, my nana is in a rehab facility and all of joe’s family is together making the best of it. all my friends are safe inside and the only thing that is left hanging is my beach house :( i am super worried about it.. but cant do anything.. so we shall wait and see. it is on the beach block & at the bottom of the hill. so, please pray. new york is shut down, we both worked from home & are now making pot roast.

we took a walk earlier before total chaos hits … i took some video and slapped together a quick little film for everyone to see so you all know we are safe.

so now time warner won’t let us buy ‘moonrise kingdom’ so we opted with empire records.
the wind is whipping and getting wild. it’s now 6:26 … bye bye! -ash

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