okay, so tonight it’s just me. at home, buttoning up a few projects and taking care of some ashley stuff. i decided to order some take-out.

and i did it up; with one of favorites.. chicken marsala. and i ordered from one of the “best italian restaurants” in our hood (according to word of mouth, yelp & menu pages.. i know.) i even paid for a side of roasted potatoes (the entree comes ala carte.. dislike) and a salad (another thing i think entrees should come with) i really don’t enjoy buying salads out, but i just went for it.

was feelin good. i also have a chick flick on, have had a few phone marathons and organized my closet.

food comes, $29.50 so i give the guy a $6 tip and dig in.

not impressed. the salad cost $9 and spuds were $6 .. and then i asked for extra mushrooms and they charged me $6 which i def didn’t get $6 worth.

so, that’s that people. i am boycotting upon myself again for ordering food, and now all i am is $36 poorer with a bellyache. rip-off.

i guess also i am just bitchy about this because it’s just such an extreme charge. i understand this is how restaurants make their money, on things like lettuce and starch.. but i just can’t get into it. (ps – those are my estimates about how much those things actually cost)

can i get a hell yeah? how do you feel about ordering delivery? i feel often like i should be a little bit more into it while embracing being a new yorker, but it’s just not in my moral code or something.

in other news …

& one more thing, i have romaine, potatoes and croutons in my possession at home. also, the salad i bought had fake parm cheese on it. /end rant

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