NBA League Pass: The Channel No One Has

I hate NBA League Pass.  Rather, I hate that most games each night are on NBA League Pass, because no one ever has it.  At least not the common bar.  No matter how many TVs a sports bar may have, chances are they don’t have it.  I’ve searched all around my neighborhood and have found only one bar to carry it.

Recently while down in Savannah (while someone else was puttin it on the Ritz, literally), I figured one of the bars downtown would have it, but no such luck.  First I went to World of Beer.  I asked the heavyset pissed off hipster bartender, who asked me what I said.  I slowly repeated N B A LEAUGE PASS, she then went and asked her fellow employee as if I had asked to borrow her car.  He said no, I left.

I then headed to Wild Wing.  I’ve been here before to watch a Bulls game, so figured this would be a safe bet.  I sit down, they tell me they have it.  They go to the 3 channels that says BULLS VS CELTICS, but no luck.  It won’t connect. I leave.

I pick up my pace and head to a bar on Bay Street.  I’ve been here before to watch a Giants game, so they miiiight have it.  But after this, there most likely won’t be anywhere that has it.  Go in, ask, denied.

I start to head back, but figured I’d head down Congress St. because there’s nothing but bars on it.  I stop in at one bar.  There’s outdoor seating in the front with 2 large TVs showing the Monday night NFL game.  I ask the guy behind the bar if they carry NBA League Pass.  He asks me what game I’d like to watch.  I point to his Celtics hat, and tell him ‘actually, the bulls and celtics.’ (He has no clue if they’re on.  White dudes with flat brim hats=not real fans).  Nice guy though, tells me he’s going to check.  Walks away for 2 minutes, and as he walks back to the bar I already know.

I wish NBA League Pass wasn’t so expensive.  But what bothers me even more is the reaction I get from people my generation (23-30, I guess) who act surprised when they find that I love basketball, rather, the NBA.  Since when did liking the NBA become equivalent to the NHL?

I really don’t care who watches it as long as I’m able to, but I wish the overall population would understand that basketball is a MAJOR AMERICAN SPORT and that it’s not absurd for someone to be a fan.  It is not just for inner city kids, or black kids, or tall kids, or people who grew up watching the Chicago Bulls.  It’s the ultimate team sport that requires each player on the court to play both offense and defense.  Eli Manning could throw for 700 yards next game, but they could still lose if they give up more points.  How is that his fault?  To me, this is why basketball trumps all sports; each player is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens while they’re on the court.  You can’t blame the offense, or the defense.  You can only look at the people (players, coaches, and refs) who contributed.

Is it because we live in an era where everyone wants attention (look at Facebook, Twitter, etc.), therefore, gravitates to things (in this instance, sports) that focus on individual statistics rather than team?  Is it too much for people to support a group of people playing together?  Or is it just that most people are afraid to admit that they could never do what basketball players do and are just jealous?


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