i have been making a lot of cucumber salad lately, i figured i’d pass the recipe on. this is how my nana has always made it, and we have it usually as our cold salad at every important hot meal (holidays, birthdays) its really easy – and one of my favorites – last meal type thing.

1. peel cucumbers (however many you’d like. about three med cukes serves 6ish? i always make more for leftovers!)
2. slice very thin, just not paper thin. then slice in half (doesn’t have to be perfect, slice stacks at once – you could also use a food processor or mandolin here)
3. mix in approx 1/2 cup sour cream, add more or less with freedom. i never do the same but usually make sure they are all slighlty coated, but! remember, the cukes are going to leak water as they sit! so do less if you dont want it as runny.
4. mix in 1/2 tsp sea salt (or less, or more)
5. let sit minimum 2-3 hours. you can make it up to a day ahead of time.
6. serve straight out of the fridge. this is best crisply cold! (add more sour cream if needed before serving)

as my nana would say, “this is typical german food.”

i heard about sole salt from a friend at work, her friend, karen atkins is a multi-certified natural healer and what seems like a yoga guru – i’ve been feeling extra drowsy lately, haven’t been sleeping great, all that jazz. i also get a little sad around winter time and wanted to look into some homeopathic all natural routines.

so the himalayan crystal salt is totally pure and salt is mother soup of all things living on the earth. she explains it as literally being solidified sunshine and the ultimate light energy (it also has spiritual benefits but she doesnt get into it.) it regulates your blood pressure after just 15 minutes of taking it! & significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, cleanses the body naturally, keeping the skin clean. (studies have shown that sole also helps with drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms.) after watching her video i felt like taking this route was totally natural for me and sort of obvious. she explains it extensively but the basic jist is this; you soak a chunk of salt in water overnight (must watch video for full details) and following morning, dilute 1 tsp of new salt mixture into a glass of water, drink on empty belly. i started with 14 small chunks of salt for $13.00 — they are pink and taste sweetly salty (licked!) i am so excited to try this.

my sole;

from karen’s website -
Her ultimate passion is to help people reach their fullest creative and personal potential by simultaneously restoring their life force and connecting with their inner world. Karen travels internationally as an inspirational performer and speaker, teaching conscious, restorative movement, Tai Chi, Qi gong, BodyTalk, self-healing, personal and psychological development and life direction coaching.

my dad came up on sunday for a daytime visit and we went to get our christmas tree! there is a bier garden around the corner and they have a massive set up right out front! perfect for a snack, a beer and then a tree. which is exactly what we did. i wanted to get a fraiser fur, and they were running us $90 – but the kid helping us pointed out some defect trees ones that were rated sub-par. they went for $50. $40 discount! we took it. and now we have a twinkly tree. christmas has officially begun for me.

we added our own cafe into the apartment! more details on this soon.. but can i say that i am loving it!

clementines are a lot easier to prick and cheaper then naval oranges. they smell just the same! (also a good reason to put those accidental seeded clems to use.)

the sweetest ever china teacup i bought myself at harrod’s while in london last month.

& me

above shots were jacked from instagram, do you follow along? @ashfiglet

peace & love, ash

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