A New Year: 2013

Early in December, Joe and I decided to stay in for New Years Eve.
Last year was no bueno (not a total bust, but not ideal if you catch my drift) – so this year we wanted it to be just us (and the boys, of course.)

We woke up slow, went shopping for dinner supplies, danced around the apartment, played a lot of nintendo, shared some of our favorite memories, snacked, got dressed up, Joe grilled while I ruled the sauté. We enjoyed said dinner, played more nintendo, and then all of a sudden it was 11:50, so we paused our game and watched the ball drop.

After our kiss, I was crying tears of joy (lots of them) for the start of a new year.
I think 2013 is going to be a good one. I hope everyone is settling into themselves, and realizing which resolutions are or aren’t going to work.

Mine? To do with purpose.
I think I held up well with practicing what I preached in 2012, I feel stronger this year.

A few different perspectives of our apartment: Joe showing me a pair of sneakers he got on NYE in the 90s, lots of pictures of our feet/legs (I’ll never stop), Santa brought me a vhs-to-dvd burner, my aunt made Joe that Absolut dish (we currently have mints in it but used it as a meat/cheese platter), stages of our meal, smoochies and finally, me funneling my wine back into the bottle (lightweight). We also enjoyed the truffles sent from my aunt in Bar Harbor, a wonderful annual Christmas-time treat.

peace and love,

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