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SO, ponderment –
how often do you drink soda?
is it a # you are okay with?

one of my favorite tastes and traditions, is cracking open a can of coke.
even better? treating myself to a soft serve coke.
the best? a cherry coke. with extra ice.

how often do i partake in this? not very often. i literally (and proudly) cannot remember the last time i had a soda. i have never been a fan of most artificially sweetened or flavored beverages. water is my fix, always has been (and milk. and now beer, and wine.) but i’m an american! i love coca-cola, the brand and the beverage. writing this right now, i want an ice cold can.

but, will i have one? no. how many are there existing in my vicinity? thousands.
but, it’s all in moderation. it’s my treat.

when i saw this diet coke commercial below, i appreciated it. i like to live my life with sustainable calories in mind. if i want to indulge, i have to work harder. i have to make up my vices in loads of lettuce and fruit. (vices; fries, burgers, beer, pasta, pizza, soda, chips, cheese, swiss cake rolls.)

i want to have faith in diet coke’s message, but i don’t think it will work for most people. i know handfuls who are literally addicted to that liquid. i’ve waited on tables who get 5+ refills of it. it’s not right. would the coke brand be as powerful as it is if people only had one a month? absolutely not. there is our dilemma!

i am very hopeful that sustainable calories is moving mainstream, but worried people will feel good about the message from their couch, while drinking their soda, and not go out to burn them.

possibly, the idea in the commercial is enough, the television has become a placeholder for our reality. i often notice the initial inspiration of a diet, workout method or even home project distracts us from actual drive to change. prime example: pinterest!

last year around this time i visited the coca-cola museum in atlanta. it was very disney world’ish, my favorite part was all of the vintage coke memorabilia.

peace, ashley

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