this soup,
it’s easy, cheap, & GOOD FOR YOU! bonus: it satisfies year round.

this recipe was taight to me by my nana, it’s a simple german meal.
she makes large batches, transfers to jars, freezes.
it’s actually silly to not do this, because it gives you quick fix for lunches and dinners. it’s been a regular occurrence in my childhood too; take soup out in the morning, re-heat (on the stove, if possible).. with buttered toast.

you need:

3 potatoes (cube them)
2 large carrots (chopped)
2 stalks of celery (chopped)
1 large white onion (chopped)
8 – 16 oz of bacon (should be 16, some people aren’t as into it.)
3/4 bag lentils
flour (few tbs)
salt, pepper (to taste)
water (1 quart)

1. cut bacon into half inch pieces, render in large pan
2. add one chopped onion, cook down until soft & fragrant – approx. 5 min, stirring often
3. once bubbly, add your flour alongside a few tbs water, stir well; creating a roux
4. once roux is achieved, slowly mix in 1 quart of room temperature water.
5. add in the rest of your ingredients, stir.
6. keep for 1 hour, lid on, stirring every 25 minutes.
add more water for agreeable consistency (i like it a bit thick*)

* thats what she said

peace, ashley

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