PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ! Ashley’s Jamaica retreat

i spent this past valentines day by myself, in the ritz carlton, in jamaica.
that sentence just felt so damn good to write.

joe was filming paula’s fourteenth season in savannah. after a few travel changes, it worked out for me to spend one more night down there (i had just finished up a solo vacay in a different part of the island.)

joe planned it from afar, and although i really missed him, it felt really good to exist on my own – so far away. the service there was redonkulous so i was interacting with them often. it’s just that i’m so used to just doing things on my own, so i offended some of the workers by say, carrying my own luggage and laying down my own beach towel. the verdict is out on whether or not i could really ever deal with that, and also how so many people come to expect that. i did appreciate, was paranoid they knew i “didn’t belong” but knew they didn’t care and neither did i. on that day i was straight up “miss andrews” – ver nize!

i spent the day near the pool, on the beach, reading, writing, sipping beverages, i had a glorious bath, chilled on the balcony, joe sent my room flowers, ordered a romantic dinner for one ( my book kept me company.) i ended up having a glorious night of sleep. the beds/pillows in these hotels are no joke. my breakfast came around 7, i enjoyed my last few hours in the room, then sped down to the beach for one last dip in the caribbean. i’d run out of cash at this point, but the wooden hearts below had my full attention. i figured i’ll just have to convince joe to go back so we can get one together.

i landed in new york around 7 that evening. i went to the double windsor, ordered myself a beer to stay and a burger to go. crept into a corner seat (and read some more.) the entire place seemed to be full of nervous energy, first dates, kisses to come. i was so happy to know i had a man who has my heart, even though he was so far away. i spent the night catching up on TV and with pippen (stink was still in nj at my dad’s.)

not being together on this actual day isn’t new for joe and i, do you remember 2011 & 2012?


ps- can’t get over my wonky eye in that picture. isaac’ing

as always, click all pictures to enlarge.

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