i received the news dec 9, 2012 that selena gomez was starring in harmony korine’s newest film, i was pleasantly surprised. i like selena enough – i’ve grown to like her more since writing that. i really dig harmony korine and nearly everything he does.

my fandom with korine began in the year 1999. i was in 10th grade and upon the first time of getting stoned, i was also viewing the movie gummo. if you know me irl, you know that gummo has become a little piece of who i am. i’m not sure if it’s because my intial viewing was also my introduction to corruption, but i felt instinctively drawn to harmony’s view of humanity. it clicked for me. i hail from a small town, where nearly nothing is how it’s supposed to be – i played in houses that should have been condemmed, i befriended the little girls whose mother spent her time in the now closed down pool hall that was always dark, smokey, and sinister. it’s a city full of beautiful historical context, but also has a very gritty underbelly, i guest most places are this way… there’s just something different about it there.

i’ve yet to make it to see spring breakers.. maybe some time next week. i have been hearing a lot about it, seeing everyone on social media interested, reading korine’s name mentioned all over the place (you should save that article to read later.. all about 1993.) the movie is clearly super produced, which is fine except that none of his other films are. his last one before this, mister lonely – was the most produced one yet. (spoiler: diego luna plays a michael jackson impersonator in france who ends up moving to a mansion with a bunch of other impersonators.. you should watch this.) i felt the general vibe of spring breakers felt anti-him – but i also love it, because i’m into it. and really, thats what the MTV crowd wants to watch right now. i guess most would say he sold out, but i’m glad to see his style & thought go into something that IS commercialized, knowing that the real dirt is still in there.

joe sent me an article yesterday about “Riff Raff” — who is the real life rapper that james franco’s character was based on. apparently korine wanted to cast mr. raff in the role to begin with, but there was some shady texting going on – after a back and forth about getting paid, harmony says “Don’t worry about it, I guess you’re not familiar with my films.” riff raff clarifies, He’s feeling disrespected now, you know what I mean? But it’s not me, it’s my assistant! I get hundreds of millions [of e-mails] a day! OK, this is me finally cutting through the bullshit: he texted, ‘What’s up man, you trying to do a movie?’” (read article for more..) — which sort of disappoints me on harmony’s part because riff raffs seems to be really trying to make shit happen for himself anyway, wish korine would have pushed a little harder .. but who knows what even really happened. he is actually hilario —

selena was on cover of the february issue on nylon magazine. the article inside was basically all about her role as faith and it was cute. it reveals that selena’s mom is a fan of korine, and when they first approached selena for the role they jumped at it – selena says, “i kind of didn’t understand it at first, because it was a little bit raunchy, but then i saw some of his work, and i was in love with it. i thought, ‘this would be really cool for me to do. it’s super indie.” she goes on to say that she felt that harmony took a chance on her, he said “you live in this bubble, and i’m gong to take you out of it, but you have to trust me.” — i liked that. i think selena has a good thing going, and i like this move for her. i even envy her because nylon titled the article “from disney queen to harmony korine.

more read’s i’ve collected for you –
view the trailer or, the red band trailer.
read what the stylist has to say – i appreciate that she bought the girls clothes in real malls. and also, how did she not know that painting your nails diff colors was in? where’s she been?


one more thing… it’s weird that harmony is old and creepy now. its like his movies are doing a benjamin button effect .. he’s like yeeeeehhhh.

PS – how lame was this ashley benson/james franco bieber parody? at least in comparison to his hills spoof with mila kunis. (throw back!) hahaha i just watched that again.. freaking justin bobby.

what do you think? have you seen the movie? will you?
did korine sell out?


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