they stink!

Beer, wine, and cheese.  Three very common and popular items that no one really needs, but yet we do.  And in our times of need, we go and seek where to find these necessities.  Dealing with the people who provide them can be a little challenging, unfortunately.

I enjoy all 3 of these delicious treats (as most people do).  And, through my years of living in Brooklyn and in my few years of working on Food Network shows, I have come across many mongers and connoisseurs (Dickson’s and Bedford Cheese Shop, to name two; both very helpful and resourceful, yet their service (my observations) left me feeling differently).  For whatever reason, a lot of these people feel they are privy to knowledge that others not only lack, but are incapable of obtaining.  A good example is (was) Grab in Park Slope.  I used to go to Grab often because it’s close to our house.  But after consistently poor service, we gave up on it.

Luckily, it’s been replaced by Ploughman.  After walking by a few times, despite our skeptics, we finally ventured in.

Ploughman is cleaner, much nicer, very helpful, and also affordable.  After filling up one of our empty growlers, we asked the manager for help getting some bleu cheese.  She pointed us in the right direction and cut us a piece of Lady Bleu, a very tasty and creamy piece of bleu that was not only delicious, but also the cheapest kind they had, which was nice to see she didn’t try to upsell us.  And, since then, we’ve enjoyed many delicious beers that they have to offer, a lineup that changes very frequently.

In a (beer/cheese/wine)world where the customer really depends on service, The Ploughman doesn’t disappoint.  Thanks, (Plough)man.

Is it just me, or do other people feel the same about wine/beer/cheese shops?

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