Dressed. To Impress?

While others are mostly concerned and intrigued with Kevin Ware’s devastating injury from Sunday night, I chose to get into something a little more enjoyable.

I came across Grantland’s Wesley Morris’s piece about college coaches and their styles (or lack thereof), focusing on two of college’s ‘flashiest’ coaches: University of Louisville men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino, and Louisiana State University women’s basketball head coach Nikki Caldwell.

Rick Pitino is notorious for many things.  While success may be among first mentioned, it’s certainly how he’s looked that makes him ‘Pitino.’  Rick takes his wardrobe very seriously.  Hailing from New York, New York, he looks like a character from Goodfellas, with each ensuing win not only adding to his coaching record, but to his coaching mystique as well.

Morris makes a great point in saying:

‘Watching the tournament from home, you realize, year after year, that almost no one else has his kind of certainty and confidence or star power. During Louisville games, the broadcasters like to cut to him because he looks important. Pitino knows he’s Rick Pitino, and that knowledge gives him the confidence to storm the sidelines in ivory and in lemony yellow.’

Pitino has been so revered in the college coaching industry that he’s inspired others to not only try and look like him, but even act like him.

Here’s former Manhattan College/Seton Hall head coach Bobby Gonzalez, doing every bit to try and be a Pitino.  Gonzalez coached at Manhattan while I played at Marist College, so I had the pleasure (?) of playing against and seeing him twice a year.  There’s not much proof here in this photo, but seeing him in person gives one a much better idea.  He does(did) it all, from wearing fancy suits to using the same hand gestures and poses that Pitino genuinely sports.  While earning some success, his doesn’t amount to Rick’s, and his attitude and character are nowhere even close.  He once tried to chase one of our players down the hall during halftime. Not surprised to see him eventually get into some trouble.

What I found more interesting, however, was that a woman’s coach was showing similar wardrobe confidence/style in Coach Caldwell.


Women head coaches have been known for keeping it conservative over the years, dressed in pantsuits and other such boring attire, but thanks to coaches like Caldwell, we’ll be seeing a lot more snazzy ladies struttin’ the sidelines.  This upgrade in wardrobe not only allows them to flaunt there beauty (see Caldwell), but it will also give them an edge of dominance that no man can possess.  I have no idea what Coach Caldwell is like at all, but I’d definitely stop and listen to what she had to say.

Every female coach already has authority by default of being a head coach; why not look every bit the part?

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