Earlier today I published an entry about my Easter in 2012.
So now to Easter 2013, which we spent in New York.

After having gone home for nearly every holiday since moving up here, we knew it was time to celebrate on our own, in our little home.

We woke up slow.
Had coffee, got ready.
We decided on a walk, picked up bagels and wandered over to Prospect Park.
It was definitely cold, but a lot of people were out, having picnics and playing. There was no sign of the sun, and I loved the overcast daze.
We spotted Minnie Mouse and watched a crew carry their system into the park. There were all types wandering around, I predictably yapped about how much I like days like this.

Joe took some pictures of me wearing a very special coat. My nana knitted it for my mom in the 80s and I have had the pleasure of wearing it on special occasions as I grew to be a lady. My mom asked me if I wanted to possess it this spring, which charms me. It’s very warm & lined with silk. And that my friends is a real mink collar! Beautious beyond belief if you ask me. Thanks for the loan, mama.

We stopped by the market to pick up produce for dinner and eventually headed home to take our places in the kitchen. A few weeks back, we picked up a pork loin at the Grand Army Greenmarket. The meat is sourced from Arcadian Pastures and is healthy and happy. Which in turn makes us healthy and happy!

Also on the menu…fresh string beans, mashed potatoes, applesauce and of course, freshly made mushroom gravy (with extra mushrooms!) Earlier in the day, Joe made carrot muffins and a carrot cake (with zested carrot icing) which we had for dessert. We also had a cucumber salad to start.

It was very enjoyable. Easter baskets were rifled through, tulips were arranged, hyacinths sniffed, couch vegging happened, snack having (Joe made hummus), we watched some Homeland (current fixation) and had several quiet conversations.

It was a strange and detached feeling to be so far yet so near from our family on this specific Easter holiday. We called home and spoke to everyone, all was good. It was in the end, a truly refreshing experience to have spent the day with our own little family. Me, Joe, Stinky, Pippen. Was so nice to crash after a holiday celebration in our own bed, without having just taken the trek home.

peace & love,

PS, there’s also this little trivia fact for our easter celebration -

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