Bulls come to Brooklyn to beat on some hipster doofuses

Tonight, the Chicago Bulls are in town to play the Brooklyn Nets.  I wasn’t able to get tickets, so unfortunately Ashley and I won’t be attending like we have in the past, but we’ll definitely be watching the game on TNT. (sorry YES network)

The Bulls are struggling as of late, losing 7 of their last 9 games and playing without multiple guys due to injuries, but I don’t have any doubts.  They always play hard, so you never know what kind of game they’ll produce.  We know they’ll be there defensively, ranking 3rd in the NBA in points allowed, so the real challenge lies at the offense end.  Hopefully a combination of Carlos Boozer’s recent play (averaging 18 points, 11 rebounds and nearly 3 assists in his last 7 games), Luol’s team-leading scoring (19 ppg for the last 10 games)  and some aggressive offense from Nate Robinson and Jimmy Butler can get them past the slow and steady Nets.

As long as the Bulls bring the same kind of intensity as Elaine Benes, odds are they’ll beat this ‘stupid hipster doofus” team from Brooklyn.

Daaaa bulls.

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