i think its fair to say that KALE has been on a lot of people’s minds lately.  we know it’s good for us, we know its sort of weird; lookwise and taste, it’s pretty cheap, and it’s the word that’s on most people’s lips … you’ve heard it, “OH MY GOD, i LOVE kale.”

so we know it’s good in green juices, and often used as a garnish, and for me, something that my nana has always made (thats right, here comes nana again.) we like leafy greens in this apartment, they make us feel good and right. so we are fully on this ‘eat more kale’ train with the other half of new york.

i want to share my go-to kale recipe. it’s prepared as a side dish, or if you are feeling particularly weak, a full meal. i’m going to go ahead and say its the german way to prepare it, although there is no meat involved and it could also be named “basic sauteed kale.” either way we swing it, let’s cook some kale!

you need:

2-3 pounds of these huge leafy greens from your local farmers market or grocery store. (fresh works best here, but frozen could also be substituted.)
1 large white onion (chopped)
2 tbs bacon grease (i’ve also used peanut and olive oil here)
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white pepper
2 tbs honey
bay leaf & clove
2+ cups water

1. wash kale thoroughly. i like to make sure to give each leaf a lil love. bring to prep soaking wet.
2. de- stalk the kale. this is the part that takes patience. i use an easy to handle serrated knife and act swiftly.
3. put kale in large pot, there should still be moisture on the leafs but to be sure, put about 1/2 cup of water in the pot. close lid tight, let cook for about 5 minutes, until just wilted.
4. remove from heat, transfer to colander and shock immediately.
5. while kale cools, rinse / wipe out the pot you wilted in.
6. add grease & onion to pan, cook on med heat until sweated out.
7. stir in your s&p and honey. then, stir in water.
8. coarsely chop your large pieces of kale
9. add kale to pot, with a bay leaf & clove.
10. put on tightly fitting lid. let this cook for about 40 minutes without disturbing – if it looks too dry, add water, stir. cook another 20 minutes.
11. it’s done when extremely tender and a taste test is not bitter.
12. remove lid, crank heat and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often.

on this particulare evening, we paired this side with a 17.5 oz ribeye steak. which we were really excited about. we picked this guy up at grand army plaza greenmarket and it came from arcadian pastures. we got it on the same shopping adventure as the easter pork.

there’s actually a little story about this piece of beef. the guy who sold it to us was super stoked to be doing his job. we meandered up like two dipsie doodles, not sure what we wanted. he highly recommended the ribeye, said he ate it 5 times a week, it’s the best meat, full of healthy fats, so i went into an agreeable rant about how people don’t eat the fat but thats what they need! because our brains are literally covered in layers of fat. and he reacted with how much of a well balanced diet this animal got, and how healthy the meat was. it was a pretty exciting moment. he asked us if we knew how to pan fry a steak, which we do, but i wanted to know how he did it – especially if he is cooking this cut 5x a week .. gotta be a down-pat type thing.

goes like this -

1. allow your steak to be room temperature. “VERY IMPORTANT” — takes about 2 hours from the fridge, you can tell its room temperature by sticking your thumb into the thickest piece of the meat.
2. salt and pepper both sides
3. heat 2 tbs oil in heavy pan (we used peanut, dude said to use safflower)
4 on 75% heat, cook steak 1 minute on each side. total, 2 minutes!
5. lower heat to 25%, flip your steak another 6 times, in one minute intervals. in total, this will be 8 minutes. 2 minutes at 75%, 6 minutes at 25%.
6. remove from pan, put on platter, cover with foil & let rest for 10 minutes.
7. eat immediately!

this is designed for a medium rare temperature. if you like your steak cooked more, flip more! we stayed on track by using the stop watch on our phone, cheering the steak along. this is something you have to concentrate on!

to make this a full meal (we did) –

oven baked fries – chop large, washed russets into fourths, soak in s&p and olive oil for a few hours, cook on lightly greased pan in oven for 40 minutes. (covered with foil for first 20 minutes.)

mushrooms & onions – chop mushrooms and onions, cook down in 3 tbs butter, red wine, worcester sauce. (you can’t f this up, get creative.. i use LOTS of mushrooms!)

applesauce – peel, core, chop desired amount of apples. cook down in inch or two of water with cinnamon stick. control your consistency with adding/sparing water.

garlic butter compote – make ahead, slowly melt desired amount of garlic and butter together. let cool in fridge.

enjoy! be healthy.. eat more kale! make this in large quantities, it’s delish and reheats well- it even tastes good cold … stays for 5-6 days. and of course, must say hi to heather who inspired me to write this post today. :)

peace & love, ashley

ps kalekalekale kale kaleeeee kale kale kale kale

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