I stared at my parents VHS copy of The Rocky Horror Picture show for YEARS before I watched it. It sat in our family collection, but my parents said “You aren’t allowed to watch this.” I guess I was 13 or 14 when I finally went for it.. and needless to say since then I have been Time Warping on a regular basis. A lot of highschool nights were spent in my basement re-enacting the scenes. I don’t know, now that I’m writing this I’m like “big deal” but really, I spent a lot of time getting down to RHPS.

Mandy usually played played Columbia & Riff Raff … I was Magenta & Dr. Frank-N-Furter (and sometimes.. yeah.. Rocky!) We even once got Heather to play Janet (and believe it or not, this is all filmed.) We had full dances .. was so much fun. This is around the same time we formed a parody girl group called H.A.M. Which is also taped. Seriously girls, we had issues!

BUT Today is Tim Curry’s birthday, and I want to thank him and his role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for truly showing me how to strut my stuff. Also, for getting the image of him as Pennywise the F out of my head (still haunts me.) He taught me how to make them shiver with.. antici ………. pation.


also, i just came across this groovy little on-set interview from the filming of RHPS and it made me really happy. Tim’s looking fierce in this interview… he is brilliant.

In the interview, he talks about how doing the show on stage and filming the movie were very different, when the interviewer asks him how much he wants out of the role after doing it for so long, he says –

well it’s sort of like topsy really, its just growed, and one sort of just had to go with it, really. um, i found making the film more, uh, annoying in that way then doing the play, because if you do the play it’s just two hours a day that you’re actually in it, doing it, and the rest of the day you’re… yourself. and doing the film, partly because i’ve never made one before and so, the work for me is total. uh, i found it for the first time becoming it to be a bit schizophrenic, and if you spend the whole day in a pound and a half of max factor, at the end of the day when you wipe it off, there’s always a little bit left in the cracks.

this made me think of Heath Ledger and his role as The Joker. Which by the way, did you see this interview of Tom Waits from the 70′s? Insanely acute to Heath’s portrayal as The Joker … and strangely enough they were working together around the time of Heath’s death on the movie ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus‘ … just feels oddly connected. I like to imagine Tom Waits simply inspiring Heath, or the coincidence is just too much for me to handle. DAD, check this video out! Tom comes on stage at minute 1:45 –

peace & love,

“how are ya tom?”
“im better then nothing.”

ps – have you seen seven psychopaths? is tom waits GOD? or is alanis?

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