Honey & Cream Iced Coffee

This weekend officially marked the beginning of iced coffee season here in New York.
It’s a gradual progression, when people change to the summer drinks… but aaah it feels so good.

Being a barista has often been my main gig. I’ve worked in a cafe in every spot i’ve lived; which is pretty cool, because the insider view of coffee culture has taught me a lot about how things go. It’s also introduced me to a lot of locals when I’ve been a newbie, which has been a great experience – I’ve met a lot of really good people.

When I first started working with coffee (2002), people were only drinking hot coffees and hot espresso drinks. I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker until my 20′s, so although I served it, I didn’t have much of a personal preference. If anything, I stayed away from it (unless it was a Wawa vanilla cappuccino from their machine – still love those). One place I worked (Halo Pub) had a drink called “the floatimissimo” – which was essentially a cappuccino with a scoop of coffee ice cream dropped in it, which I got attached to. After that, I started messing around with espresso, chocolate, ice, blended, on and on … the game had begun.

I slowly got myself hooked on iced coffee drinks, and it was right in time with the rest of the world. Cuz, next thing you know – the Olsen twins are drinking iced lattes everyday, being photographed with their venti Starbucks coffee and ratty hair. A trip to the mall became incomplete without a stop at Starbucks (or sometimes, the Coffee Beanery, who remembers those?). There was always coffee available – 7-11, Dunkin, Wawa, Quick Chek, on and on. But now coffee is a luxury! A treat! An adventure, an experiment, an expense.

I love a good cup, but I don’t often buy coffee out. When I do, I am really treating myself .. giving myself time to take a walk, or sit down and gather myself.

I’m still drinkin, but making at home / All different ways, I drinks cups everyday.

SO, friends .. I’d like to share my favorite way to make iced coffee at home. It’s fool proof and tasty. This light and sweet recipe is perfect for a 4pm pick-me-up.

You need:

an electronic coffee pot
coffee (ground)
water (filtered)
honey (buy local!)
half & half (or milk, if you prefer)
straw (optional)

1. Fill basket with 12 heaping scoops of ground coffee.
2. Fill water section to make just 6 cups of coffee (enter the term: double brewed).
3. Fill your coffee pot with two gracious handfuls of ice.
4. Drizzle desired amount of honey on top of your ice (approx 4 tbs is good for me!).
5. Brew coffee as normal.
6. When finished, stir coffee.
7. Let liquid reach room temperature (30 minutes).
8. Pour over ice, add desired amount of half & half/milk, stir. Straw… sip.. enjoy.

This method will save you nearly $2.50 a day!* I recommend keeping your brew at room temperature, in a closed vessel. Think of it like red wine! Always pour it over a nearly stacked glass of ice; your coffee is brewed sightly stronger to compensate for the icing.

The slight sweetness of the honey is just perfect and tastes very natural. It’s not only a sweetener but honey is GOOD for you! So make sure to be helping it find its way into more of your meals at home. I’ve been putting it in my coffee for years, and I just got Joe hooked… your next!

*If you order a large iced coffee one time a day (I think most of us drink multiple! eek)

Just did a search for ‘coffee‘ on the home page, so many came up! haha. But this one is from feb 17, 2011 .. after I got off a shift at the muff. Those days seem like ancient history now – wild.

peace & love, Ashley

ps – You can put any sweetener in pre-brew, chocolate syrup (mocha powder, hot cocoa?), maple syrup, whiskey, vodka…

pss – White Russians & Iced Mochas

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