is anyone else in touch with the eclipse that is going on right now? with the entering of scorpio, we need to let go of anything that we are holding onto, that we can not control. shake it off. possessions, reasons, fears, restrictions, people, emotional & physical weight.

it also happens to be joe’s birthday today, and the day he leaves his very own ‘return of saturn’ — just as the entire world leaves saturn, sort of trippy. work has him down in mexico, so i am spending an evening organizing, taking care of a few things, anticipating a house guest, and resolving some things personally.
a girl night, solo. <3 i understood what i could about what is happening cosmically through this site, and from convos with mama moderno, of course.

moon image credit

peace & love,

ps – on the street yesterday i gave a guy a dollar that i found that most likely was his but we had an interesting conversation. he said he was going to play the lottery with the dollar, asked me my favorite numbers, i told him. joe said “now what if that guy wins the lotto??” (i don’t play it.)
here are some #’s i saw while writing this post.

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