Ode to Carrots

I have been consuming carrots like they are going out style.
BUT, they aren’t, nor will they ever. Because they are healthy, tasty and CHEAP!
Cook some carrots, people. Buy the funky ones with dirt on them, at your local organic spot.

Too often we mark our diets with nutrition labels, spoken health offerings and smart on-pack copy. Things grown organically from the earth are all unique (aww, like us!) and no one owns their nutritional value to give labels, and since they are required (thanks, government) we see our veggies sitting silently* in the produce aisle as we all buy low-fat cereals and yogurts. What I’m saying is, BUY VEGGIES! PREP THEM! EAT THEM!

Actions; antioxidant, anticancer, protect arteries, expectorant, antiseptic, diuretic, boost immunity, antibacterial, lower blood cholesterol levels.

Facts; Carrots are extremely nutritious. They are rich in vitamins A, B and C, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium. Cleaning effect on the liver and digestion. They help prevent kidney stones and relieve arthritis. Their antioxidant properties come from carotenoids – which cut cancer risk, protect against arterial and cardiac disease. Carrots enhance mental function and decrease the risk of cataracts! And macular degeneration!

YO MOMMA always said, eat your carrots… they are good for your eyes. (They make your hair red, they make your hair curly? Or are these just my associations because my own mom has carrot colored hair?)

So tell me, how do you like your carrots?

*Michael Pollan theory I’m into.

Peace, love, & hugging carrots,


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